Monday, 6 December 2010


I hate this fuckin system and what it's done to me
It put me in a prison cell and it's taken my "liberty"
The bastards never try to see, they never take the time
To see why people, like you and me, take up a life of crime

They say we do it for a laugh, they say we think it's funny
But we only do it cause we're poor and cause we need the money
We get a giro from the broo, that should get you by
If they think that'll keep you going, why don't they fuckin try

They say it's no excuse for stealing things and taking drink and drugs
They say we're just a bunch of hooligans, a gang of evil thugs
We search every day in vain for work, but jobs are now so rare
And taking drink and drugs shows the depth of our despair

Your police are legal terrorists as far as I can see
Cause every time they get a chance they kick the fuck out of me
And when they've had their bit of fun, they throw me in a cell
One day we'll round them up and blow them all to hell

A white car with flashing lights and red stripes on the side
They're out to give us trouble, but this time I will not hide
Why do they always hound us and never give us peace
I think they must love violence, its legal for the police

To clear their books they'll charge you with any unsolved crime
Don't say it doesn't happen cause it happens all the time
A lot of us have done time for things we didn't do
Then the system kicks up fuck when someone chibs a screw

A screw is not a superman no matter what you read
If you go up and slash his jaw the bastards bound to bleed
If I saw a screw all stabbed to fuck, I wouldn't just walk by
I'd find myself a comfy seat and watch the bastard die

So to the bastard who arrested me I thought I'd let you know
I won't be here forever, one day they'll have to let me go
I'll get a blade that's razor sharp, I hope you're taking note
Because I'll see you in the street one day and cut your fuckin throat

Oct. 1996 HMP Glenochil, Tullibody, Clacks, FK10 3AD, Scotland

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