Friday, 24 December 2010

Dear Santa

This was originally published on the No More Prison Website in December 2007

By Alison Henderson

Dedicated to Sandra currently residing in HMP Styal.

Dear Santa,

Me and Mum would always write

dear Santa Claus a note,

but this year Mum won't be around

so this is what I wrote:

Dear Santa if I had one wish

to make all on my own,

it would be to release my Mum

and let her please come home.

Grandma makes the Christmas roast

with lots of food to eat,

but this year in the dining room

there'll be an empty seat.

I know it's far too much to ask

so this year there's no wish,

but Santa could I ask you to

deliver my Mum this.................

Trust me Mum you will get through

don't cry or shed a tear,

we'll celebrate our Christmas day

when you come home next year.

You told us to enjoy ourselves

but I can't promise that,

I'll miss you telling Christmas jokes

wearing your party hat.

I love you Mum with all my heart

be strong and please don't cry,

Christmas day will come and go

and time will soon fly by.

I know you made a big mistake

but what is done is done,

prison's stole our Christmas but....

they'll never steal my Mum.

To Mum With Love.

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