Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Remember Lucy Wood

The late Pauline Campbell organised a demostration outside the prison everytime a woman died in custody. No More Prison was proud to support Pauline's campaigns.  These are pictures from a demo outside Peterborough Prison in January 2007.

Pauline would try and talk to people arriving at or leaving the prison ensuring they were aware of the suffering of the women inside.

Pauline would also try and stop vans delivering women to the prison

This often led to her arrest (but not on this occassion)

There is much more about Pauline's campaign, including material written by Pauline on our website that will posted on this blog over the next three or four weeks.

Pauline's campaigning was driven by the pain she felt over the death of her daughter in Styal Prison. Pauline killed herself by her daughter's grave on the 15th May 2008

These pictures were posted on the No More Prison website but there was no report of the demo.  John Mc, Ian and myself were there suppporting Pauline. Some friends of Lucy's also attended.

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