Monday, 24 May 2010

It doesn't change but we can learn - Some Quotes from the 1930's

This page is part of a series showing the historical experiences of prisoners and the then thinking of various Penal Reformers.  We believe this history is important to help us understand the contemporary prison and equally important it can help us develop more effective resistance to its use. Additional quotes are very welcome.

"As some men resist the system by violence & hunger strike, so others resist by self inflicted wounds and suffering."  W.F.R MACARTNEY Walls have Mouths (1936)

"Unfortunately further reform will be difficult to effect because the great weight of unimaginative opinion...........believes that convicts are already being too much coddled, and our politicians are so nervous of a public opinion........that they will not risk their popularity, even at the expense of their self respect" Compton Mackensie 1936

"Doctors in jail are incredibly heartless and are the last people to protest against brutality" Chokey by Red Collar Man 1937

"The great majority of screws hate the brutality of the system, and yet become brutes themselves. Some, of course, enjoy being brutes, but most of them go on being brutes because their bread-and-butter depends on it" W.F.R MACARTNEY Walls have Mouths (1936)

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