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First published on the No More Prison Website in January 2007

A vigil to mark the 4th anniversary of the death of Sarah Campbell was held on Thursday 18 January 2007 outside HMP & YOI Styal, Cheshire

Flowers were laid in memory of Sarah, who died on 18 January 2003, aged 18. Banners displayed outside the prison included "SHAME ON THE HOME OFFICE" - very apt, considering their lack of apology over Sarah's death. The vigil was attended by friends and supporters from Cheshire, Shropshire, and Greater Manchester, including representatives from FRFI (Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!), Manchester. A number of supporters were unable to attend due to very bad weather conditions. Visitors to the prison stopped to speak. Some family members expressed concern about the self-harming behaviour of their loved ones held at HMP Styal, including one mother who spoke of her daughter having tried to commit suicide.

Sarah's mother Pauline comments ""Sarah's death, on 18 January 2003, has left a deep void in my life. She was my only child, and I miss her terribly. Although the Home Office have accepted liability for her death, I despair at the lack of apology. A vigil will continue to be held every year as a way of remembering Sarah, whose young life was abruptly ended due to appalling failures on the part of the prison. Whatever a person has done wrong, no-one deserves to die in this way. Tragically, and on the same day that Sarah's vigil was being held, it was reported in the press that two women prisoners have killed themselves in the past ten days."

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